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Your school's website is a window to the world, and a well-designed, easy-to-navigate website raises your school's profile and enables you to showcase your curriculum and facilities in a compelling manner. It is your opportunity to communicate in a timely manner about the activities and achievements of your school. offers you a complete web solution built on the WordPress CMS platform. It enables you to manage content, perform well with search engines and engage in social media. Responsive WordPress themes automatically adapt to the screen size and resolution of the device on which they are being viewed. This means your website will look great on desktop computers, tablets or mobile phones.

The 4Schools Website Development have three frameworks for building websites:

Option 1 | Adapted Website

We have three three template designs which we adapt to meet the needs of your existing school. A typical website with 25 pages of content and built by modifying one of these templates would cost in the region of €1,750 + VAT. This fee includes the initial on-line training session. Because these are template websites, things that seem like a small change to you, may in reality be much larger and if you opt for such changes it can significantly increase the cost of your site development. You will, however, be informed in advance if your suggested adaptations will have cost implications.

View the templates: Standard | Traditional | Magazine

Option 2 | Customised WordPress Themed Website

The creation of a more customised website for your school by adopting a purchasable WordPress theme. If a school opts for this website, the designer will develop the website after consulting with the school face-to-face and present the school with at least two different design choices. Typically a website of this nature will cost €2,700 + VAT for a 25-page website.

Option 3 | Premium Offering

A premium website is fully customised; we will create a design that meets your needs. However, you will require a budget staring at €6,000 + VAT to consider this option. Why does a fully customised website cost so much more? There are a number of reasons for this. If you choose a template, just like writing any document from a template much of the work is already done. If you choose a fully customised website the design stage is going to take much, much longer and the skills required to create a fully customised website are much broader than those needed to customise an existing theme. Normally the development of a fully customised website will involve a team of developers, from UX designers (Graphic design skills, HTML, & CSS), to back-end programmers (PHP) and front- end programmers (Java Script), etc. A good UX designer will typically be able to modify an existing template if little customisation is required.

Photography Service

A website needs to capture the life and soul of your school and good photographs will do this for you. You can use photographs that you already have or you can avail of our supplementary photography service. However, we are convinced that if you want to capture the spirit of the school, you must have outstanding photographs which you can display on the website. We will visit your school and advise you on getting the best images for your new website. You will also get a soft copy of all photographs which you can use for other communication tools school prospectus.Typically the cost of a photographer for the day is €500 + Travel.

Responsive Website

Websites are viewed on lots of devices nowadays and a responsive website is one whose appearance adapts to the device on which it is being viewed. Therefore the presentation of the website is somewhat fluid. All websites built by 4Schools, using whatever option you choose, will be responsive. We believe this is essential as nowadays websites are typicaly accessed 50% of the time on mobile and tablet devices.

School Prospectus

Building Your New School Website


1. Advice and Agreement

At this stage the customer communicates what they are hoping to achieve from their new website. They communicate their budget to and provides them with options for consideration. Once an agreement has been reached the Website Development Contract is drawn up and signed by both parties.


2. Submit Your Content

Before any work is done on the website design the content must be received from the school. From our experience it significantly increases the lifecycle of the process if the website content is not provided to in a timely manner. You should submit the content for your site in soft copy - Word documents are perfect and any images to be used on your site should be high-quality JPEGs. (We also provide a photography service.)


3. The Design Phase

Based on your package choice we will either adapt or customise a WordPress design for you or build a design unique to your school based on your specifications. Either way we will send you an image file of what your new website will look like. You can make changes to the design at this stage, it is important that you are happy with the design before moving to the next step. However, if you are making changes to the design of a template website which require additional coding there will be a cost attached to same. You will be advised of this when you make any request which requires additional coding by our web developers.


4. We Build Your Site

If you opted for a custom design for your website, once you give approval, we move to the next stage, taking your content and turning it into a fully functional website. During this time your current website, if you have one, may be replaced with an “Under Construction” page to facilitate the work.


5. Going Live

Once all of your content is up and you have checked over everything we will make your website live on the web and start our search engine optimisation process to get you listed on Google.


6. Training

We provide you with step-by-step training on how to update your site with news, pictures and downloadable files. This is doen either online via Skype using the shared screens or face-to-face in accordance with the contract.


7. User Acceptance

Once the website is live and you have received your training, you will be asked to sign a user acceptance form which confirms that your website has been built in accordance with your Contract. You will have thirty days free e-mail and telephone support from the day of go-live/ training, whichever is later.


8. Maintenance

If you want to continue to support the website you must sign the Website Technical Services Contract. You have three options here:

  1. Code Maintenance for €350 per year + VAT.
  2. Code Maintenance & User Updates and Support for €1,350 +  VAT
  3. Pay per play at €60 per hour + VAT, billable in four-hourly slots.

View Some Examples of our Work

COGG Website


Fully customised theme, bi-lingual

Sancta Maria College

Sancta Maria College

Modified theme

Jesus and Mary College

Jesus and Mary College

Modified theme

Coláiste Daibhéid

Coláiste Daibhéid

Modified theme


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