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The Irish Grammar Charts


The Irish Grammar Charts support visual learning. They are designed to complement students' normal text books and they engage the learner using vivid images and a story format.

Each Irish Grammar chart tells a story which makes it easy for students to follow. Students can follow Sean as he navigates through relatable activities that children do in their everyday life.  The charts are in full colour with a modern child friendly design. They are ideal for everyday use as they are larger than A2 in size which means that students should be able to see them from their seats when working in the classwork. They are laminated which significantly increases their durability making them ideal for the classroom.        

The Irish Grammar Charts cover the eleven Irish Irregular Verbs in the following tenses:

  • Past tense – questioning, positive and negative
  • The present tense – questioning, positive and negative
  • Future tense – questioning, positive and negative
  • Conditional tense – questioning and negative
  • Imperative verbs – singular and verbal noun. 
One full set - €110.00
Two full sets - €198.000 - 10% discount
Three full sets - €280.00 - 15% discount
Four full sets - €352.00 - 20% discount

€ 110.00